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October 28, 2013


PS3 ODE products on the market.


We have been informed that there are some PS3 ODE of poor quality on the market that are trying to sell using MATRIX brand name.

We want to advise all our customers and partners that we have no partnership or involvement whatsoever with these products.

To all the people writing to us, we cannot help you with the all the problem that you are reporting to us, because THIS IS NOT our product.


We strongly suggest to all the people having problems to send it back to the shop where they bought it and get their money back.




October 01, 2013


New Freedom Manager v1.31 for 1175 boards


New release for the Freedom Manager for the 1175 Boards. With the release of the v1.3x branch we moved to a new logic design for the implementation of the patching of the data to the boards. This will allow us more flexibility in the future design of the custom firmware.

Download the latest Manager version from our DOWNLOAD page, or directly from HERE!




August 08, 2013


New Freedom Manager v1.27 for 1175 boards


Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. We just completed the v1.27 release of our Freedom Manager for the 1175 Boards. We added some extra features and ironed out some issues that have been reported to our attention.

This new manager should be both, faster and more stable than any other version released till date.


We plan to release a new firmware version every few weeks from now on so to keep the product always up to date with the console development.

Please always use the latest release of the Freedom Manager when programming your Freedom 1175 Boards.


A new website dedicated to the 1175 where you will always find the latest firmware releases will be online soon, meantime feel free to download the latest Manager version from our DOWNLOAD page, or directly from HERE!





November 28, 2012


Notice to Matrix Freedom Light Customers!


Due to a small production mistake a small batch of FREEDOM LIGHT for 16D4S was manufactured using a bigger memory chipset intended to be used for our next 16D5S product.

The only issue is that JungleFlasher does not recognize this bigger memory chipset, so we prepared a patch to enable Jungleflasher to correctly recognize and read/program this small production lot of Freedom Light PCB.


If you are having one of these boards, you will see the following error while attempting to identify it into JungleFlasher:


To fix it simply download the following patch, unzip into Jungleflasher v0.1.92 Beta (304) folder and run it:

Patch for Jungleflasher v0.1.92 Beta (304) Windows XP: DOWNLOAD HERE!  

Patch for Jungleflasher v0.1.92 Beta (304) Windows Vista/7: DOWNLOAD HERE!  


Proceed using Jungleflasher as normal, and your Freedom Light will be correctly recognized:

If needed, full instructions are inside the .ZIP files!




November 26, 2012


Matrix Freedom Light for 16D4S, and coming Matrix Freedom 1175 board replacement for 16D5S.


Regarding the 16D5S drives, we are inching to the end of the testing and engineering road.

There has been a bunch of issues that needed to be taken care of, now all of this seems solved and we are ready to proceed to the final prototype and testing of the board and the key extractor system.


Secondly, due to huge request, we are manufacturing some cheaper 16D4S replacement boards, renamed Freedom Light.

The Freedom Light does not have the tray cable fixed on board, but it comes with the double option to solder the cable directly on board of the Freedom Light or to use the optional solder less kit. Installers will be free to solder the cable as we know they prefer to do so, while end user can use the solder less kit to install without need of soldering tools.



More information are available on the Matrix Freedom PCB page HERE.

Installation procedure is same as Matrix Freedom PCB and is available in the download section of the website, HERE.

The Solder Diagram for the wires (in case you choose not to use the solder less kit), is available HERE.


Stay tuned for the coming release of the 16D5S drives solution, the MATRIX FREEDOM 1175!




September 3, 2012


Matrix Glitcher V2 Rev.C officially supports Corona V2.


Well, since production of the new reader is about to start we might as well announce it :


Matrix Glitcher V2 Rev.C officially supports Corona V2.


A new Nand reader/writer had to be developed to interface to the 4GB Corona motherboard due to the new phison chip and the differences in the communication protocol.


Installation difficulty is about the same as the old Nand SPI reader (even though the pads are slightly closer together, installers will have the choice to use a quick solder board or directly solder wires to the motherboard).


One small note regarding nand dumps : V2 nand dumps don't have ECC bytes (this is by design, since they are stripped by the phison controller which also takes care of blocks remapping and a bunch of other stuff), so scripts that expect them to be present might need to be modified (either that or they need to be added after the nand has been dumped).

The final nand reader software will automatically add/remove ECC bytes to the nand image as to try to preserve compatibility with existing software as much as possible.





September 1, 2012


Official Video Release of coming Freedom 1175 Board Replacement


Before we begin, some notes regarding the 16D5S drives and why we made the choices that we made :

First of all, the SPI eeprom is locked just like in the old drives and the WP pad is connected to GND, thus making it impossible to erase/rewrite.


Why the old Geremia/kamikaze style method is not feasible in the 16D5S drives :

The area were the WP wire can be cut is less than 1mm in length and the WP bonding wire runs parallel to the DO bonding wire with around 0.1mm of separation between them.

Cutting the WP wire without damaging the DO wire is doable when the chip is decapped and under a good microscope but we can't see any way where someone can do this without some serious lab instruments.

For this reasons we have developed a replacement PCB, similar to our previous Freedom replacement PCB but with some additional hardware needed to cope with the enhanced crypto requirements in the 16D5S firmware.

This PCB will replace the original drive PCB and work on any unmodded Xbox360 (including the 4GB V2 coronas and those with dashboard 15572+ ).

The firmware is finished and stable and has all the features you would expect :

stealth, XGD3, all titles work (basically everything iXtreme 3.0 has) plus some additional features that we are testing and considering for inclusion in the final release.




The new video which we quickly threw together first shows a 16D5S drive connected to a corona motherboard (check the marking in the IC and the tracks going to the SATA connector to see that it really is a 16D5S drive).

An original game is already inside (drive is upside down to show the PCB) and it is booted to show that the drive is married to the Xbox motherboard.

The drive is then swapped with another one with the Matrix replacement PCB already installed, and a few backups are booted to show it working on the same motherboard.

Additional videos will be released shortly, but for the moment being our time is better spent in development than in movie making ;-).


This one was mainly done due to the leaked video, to show our drive working without all the programming/debugging hardware that is normally connected to the drives during the development stage.



Stay tuned for more exciting news in the near future!



August 30, 2012


Leaked 1775 Proof of Concept Video.


As a first official announcement after the video showing our proprietary CFW running back-ups on the 1175 drive leaked, we have the following to say:

1) The aforementioned video is a POC (Proof of Concept), which should not be disclosed to the general public. This video is REAL.
2) Our CFW is currently fully working, is  “stealth” on Live, and has all the features of Ixtreme plus some more goodies regarding AP25 sector management.

Since the video has been leaked, we might consider it “official” now. We are now going to make another one, more detailed, in order to clear up any doubts. Stay tuned!




August 18, 2012


Matrix GLitcher II Revision C.


We are releasing today the Matrix Glitcher II Revision C, adding full support and compatibility for 250 GB Corona consoles.

As with the previous version the Matrix GLitcher II is still a complete plug and play solution. No need to program it before use, simply install it and select the correct switch combination for your console.

Additionally, because we discovered than Glitching the Corona needs the timing to be extremely precise, we also added a new configuration procedure using the onboard switches.

User installing the Matrix Glitcher II Revision C into a Corona will now have the possibility to test different timings to find the one that will give them the best Glitch times on the console, and all of this without need of reprogramming.

Here is the new Switch Table Settings:


Quick switch settings chart for Glitcher 2 rev.C (onboard 48 Mhz oscillator) :


When main switch is set to SLIM :

SW    1    2    3    4

      ON   ON   ON   ON      CORONA SETTING C (-2)

      ON   OFF  ON   ON      CORONA SETTING D (+1)

      ON   ON   OFF  ON      CORONA SETTING B (-1)

      ON   OFF  OFF  ON      CORONA SETTING E (+2)


      ON   OFF  ON   OFF     FUTURE USE




When main switch is set to FAT :

SW    1    2    3    4

      ON   ON   ON   ON      ZEPHYR

      ON   OFF  ON   ON      FALCON

      ON   ON   OFF  ON      OPUS

      ON   OFF  OFF  ON      JASPER

      ON   ON   ON   OFF     FUTURE USE

      ON   OFF  ON   OFF     PHAT RGH 2.0

      ON   ON   OFF  OFF     FUTURE USE



Installation diagrams and instructions are available as usual in our DOWNLOAD section of the website or you can download them HERE!.

Matrix Glitcher II Revision C, the only ready to use solution for all console on the market, FAT, SLIM, RGH2.0, Corona 256 MB.

More coming in the future! 




July 23, 2012


Trident Diagram for Corona available.


We completed the TRIDENT installation diagram for the CORONA 16 Mb.



Is available in the DOWNLOAD area of our website or you can download it from HERE




July 16, 2012


Corona 16Mb Firmware and upgrade diagram for Glitcher II is available!


We are happy to release a Firmware upgrade and diagram to enable every Matrix Glitcher II ever produced to work with the Corona 16MB.

We are now working on the Corona 4 GB and hope to have something ready in few weeks.



The upgrade Firmware V1.5 and installation diagram for the Corona 16 Mb is now available in the DOWNLOAD area of our website or you can download the complete ZIP package HERE.


Here is a quick switch settings chart for Matrix Glitcher 2 with the latest firmware v1.5.

            SW       1          2          3          4

                        ON       ON       ON       ON       ZEPHYR  
                        ON       OFF      ON       ON       FALCON  
                        ON       ON       OFF      ON       OPUS  
                        ON       OFF      OFF      ON       JASPER  
                        ON       ON       ON       OFF      TRINITY  
                        ON       OFF      ON       OFF      PHAT RGH 2.0  
                        ON       ON       OFF      OFF      CORONA   
                        OFF      OFF      OFF      OFF      UPDATE MODE


Matrix Glitcher II, the single chip solution for all your Xbox360 glitching needs.




May 14, 2012


Matrix RGH 2.0 diagrams for FAT on dashboard  14717/14719.


The upgrade Firmware V1.3 and installation diagram for the FAT updated to dashboard 14717/14719 is now available in the DOWNLOAD area of our website or you can download the complete ZIP package HERE.




March 21, 2012


Matrix Trident FAT diagrams. And dashboard 14719 Slim support  files.


Courtesy of we have now available the FAT installation diagrams for the Matrix Trident.

You can get them in our DOWNLOAD area or HERE plus HERE.




More trident reviews from:

EURASIA.NU                ENGLISH

360-GR.COM                GREEK



Finally, a clarification on SLIM 14719 dashboard support.

You DO NOT need to update your Matrix Glitcher Firmware to enable glitching of 14719 dashboard, all you need to do is to reflash your NAND after having patched it with the new file available HERE or from our DOWNLOAD section.

Hopefully this will clarify the many doubts people was having till now :)


Happy hacking!




March 13, 2012


New dashboard news and more MATRIX TRIDENT reviews.


Some cool guys at released a new to support the new dashboard 14719 for the SLIM.

You can see the release here.


We will release anyhow our code for the SLIM solution in the coming days but, given the above news, the priority was now switched to complete the FAT compatibility for the new dashboard as well as Glitcher II update with new XENON timings.


Finally, more TRIDENT reviews are available from the DOWNLOAD  section of our website.                      ENGLISH                       ITALIAN                          GERMAN                         FRENCH                              GERMAN                            SPANISH




March 01, 2012




The first reviews and tutorials for our MATRIX TRIDENT are available in the DOWNLOAD section of our website.

We will update the section as more reviews come in.

Needless to say that reviewers judged the TRIDENT the best solution on the market to date! :)


For everyone one that is asking, the TRIDENT has already been released and is fully in stock from our distributors!

You can find the shop nearest to you HERE!





February 29, 2012


MATRIX TRIDENT diagram error for generic Glitcher devices.


Unfortunately due to an error, the diagram to install the TRIDENT for generic Glitcher devices is wrong.

Installing the TRIDENT according the faulty diagram will not make the glitch chip work correctly.


The revised diagram is available into the new release of the installation tutorial:

"Matrix Trident HW Installation Tutorial v1.1.pdf"







February 25, 2012


MATRIX TRIDENT manual and other news.


We have released the  MATRIX TRIDENT (PSI) installation and instruction manual. Also available is the diagram to use the MATRIX TRIDENT with any other glitch device available on the market.

You can get both from our DOWNLOAD section. (EDIT: Fixed the installation manual download link, sorry about that guys ! :-) )


We are completing also a software to enable the easy management of bad blocks when dumping the NAND and rewriting it to the MATRIX TRIDENT. This software will handle all the work in case your NAND has bad blocks tht need to be reallocated.


We also would like to inform everyone that the tests to restore glitch features to SLIM and FAT consoles that have been updated with the 14717/14719 update are proceeding at fast peace.

More tests are required to ensure that every bug has been ironed out, but we will have soon good news for owners of Glitch devices.




February 21, 2012


Announcing the MATRIX TRIDENT.


We are proud to announce the MATRIX TRIDENT (PSI), the first TRIPLE NAND solution available for Xbox360.


The TRIDENT will transform your Xbox360 16 MB NAND in 3 independent 16 MB banks that can be read and write with any available SPI reader/writer solution using software tools like Nandpro 2.0 and Nandpro 3.0.


The trident can work together with any Glitcher solution present in the market.

A flat cable is supplied to directly connect it to the Matrix GLitcher II, for enhanced performances.


It features a quick solder board solution for the Trinity slim  and an external switch with led indicators to quickly choose which one of the THREE banks of NAND to use.

With the Matrix Trident you can assign one bank to the Original NAND, the second bank to boot a modified dashboard and the third NAND bank to boot Xell or a second dashboard.


Whether you use it for fun or for hacking purposes, the Trident is going to be the tool of choice to add extra NAND capacity to your Xbox360.






- Allows for the use of 3 Independent banks of NAND on the Xbox 360.

- No need to cut any tracks on the Xbox360 motherboard.

- Extenal switch to quickly change among the 3 NANDs

- Compatible with every glitching solution present in the market, including Matrix Glitcher II.

- Compatible with any xbox360 with 16 MB NAND.

- Easy to install thanks to quicksolder point design.

- Blocks can be read / write with any SPI hardware present in the market.

- Compatible with Nandpro 2.0 and 3.0 software.




Installation Diagram for SLIM Xbox360 is already available in the DOWNLOAD section of the website. Other models diagram will be uploaded in few hours.  A complete installation Tutorial and usage for the MATRIX TRIDENT will be online by tomorrow.


Finally an announcement for console owners that had the RGH feature disabled due to recent 14717 dashboard upgrade:


FAT Xbox360:

A new solution to re-enable RGH and Trident Style additional NAND on Fat consoles is under advanced development.


SLIM Xbox360:

A working solution is already under test and we will release it right after completing all the needed tests. Fortunately, due to hardware difference, the changes on Slim were not drastically as the one implemented on the Fat.







January 20, 2012




Finally, we have released to some of our resellers the external programmers for everyone who wants to get one to fine tune his GLitcher II  performances or needs a spare part fo his FREEDOM PCB:







January 18, 2012


Freedom Manager V3.0 Released


The Freedom Manager V3.0 compatible with LT+ 3.0 has been released.

To use it simply unzip it, run it, and press “WRITE IXTREME FW”, the Manager will take care of all.

That’s as easy as it comes when using the Freedom PCB :).


You can download it from our Download section, or just click HERE.




January 11 , 2012


Gitcher 2 Tutorial and Fine tuning software released.


The Tutorial, the Software and the first reviews for the Matrix Glitcher 2 are now available in the Download section of our website.

Feel free to deep test the software and forward us any comment and suggestion to improve it.

We have some more cool news coming next week so, stay tuned! :)




December 19,2011


Announcing the Matrix Glitcher II


We are proud to announce the availability of the Matrix Glitcher II.

Thanks to the hundreds of feedbacks we received from our distributors and testers around the world, we decided to release an updated version of the Matrix Glitcher.


Some  of the new features include:


·          Preprogrammed with a brand new and advanced Matrix Glitching code.

·          Compatible with all Xbox360 SLIM and FAT models (except Corona and Xenon motherboard)

·          On board switch to quickly select console type and model.

·          Future-proof updateable with external USB programmer (not included).

·          After-installation fine tuning of glitch timings to better fit each different console (external USB programmer needed)

·          Unique Serial code identification for each Glitcher II verifiable online.


By connecting the GLitcher II to a PC (using the same external programmer as the one used in the Matrix Freedom PCB), the installer will be able to cycle through 7 different timings for each console models of the Fat Xbox360 and 3 different timings settings for the Slim Xbox360.

This will allow the installers to fine tune the Glitcher II to the best available settings for each console.


More features will be given with future software releases, to enable an even more deep interaction of the Matrix Glitcher II with your Xbox360. 




Goods are in stock and already shipping to our official resellers. You can find the nearest one to you on our Resellers page.




Installation Diagrams are already available here.  A small tutorial on the use of the External Programmer to connect the Matrix Glitcher II to the PC and how to use the “Fine Tuning” feature will be available shortly.


Hope you all will enjoy this new product as much as we enjoyed developing it.




December 06, 2011 


New Reviews, Tutorials and Resellers.


More reviews added!  Some of them include also a nice tutorial to remove your LiteOn DG-16D4S PCB and swap it with an unlocked Matrix Freedom PCB.   Be sure to check them in the DOWNLOAD section of our website.

Also more and more shops are becoming part of our reseller network, so don’t miss to check out also our growing RESELLER page.

We update both pages daily!


Matrix Freedom PCB Review and Tutorials:       ENGLISH          ENGLISH        ITALIAN         FRENCH               GERMAN          ITALIAN            PORTOGUESE




November 27,2011


Matrix Freedom PCB Reviews and Matrix Team Support Forums!


The first two reviews for the Freedom PCB have been published.

We will place the links to the various reviews into the DOWNLOAD section.

We are also adding  links to different forums that have offered to open a Support Section for the Matrix Team products.


The Freedom PCB is a full replacement for your Liteon DG-16D4S Drives PCB, and fully compatible with 9504, 0272, 0225, 1071 and 0401 DVD firmware revisions.


You can get your Freedom PCB complete with the external programmer from one of our official reseller.

Below is a picture of Final Product and package content. Check the Freedom PCB product Page for more info!





November 26, 2011


Matrix Freedom PCB is now fully in stock!


Our long awaited Replacement PCB for Xbox360 Liteon DG-16D4S drives is now fully in stock.

Due to a big request from our customers we decided to add also a solder free system to the Freedom Board.

This add on will allow even users with no solder tools to replace their DG-16D4S board.

We suggest anyhow to solder the motor wires to the Freedom board, as, in the end,  there is nothing better than a good old solder point :)

A quick tutorial and installation guide is available HERE.

We have the production capacity to satisfy any request.




November 25, 2011


Matrix Freedom installation Tutorial


The first release of the installation tutorial for the Matrix Freedom is available in the download section of our website.

We will release better tutorials and links to the first reviews in the coming days.


Get all you need to install and run your FREEDOM PCB from HERE.




October 31, 2011


Matrix Glitcher boot times on Slim Xbox360.


A very smart guy who goes by the nick “ameel” discovered an interesting and unusual solution to the unreliable boot times problem that all current glitching solutions suffer from on slim Xbox 360s.


The problem with glitching slim consoles resides in the need to send a glitch signal with some very precise parameters that are hard to control on the simple XC2C64A cpld, especially due to the higher clock frequency and the currently used injection point.

Increasing the wire length "fixes" this problem probably due to the added distortion, ringing, etc. that is added to the glitching signal. This will have to be analyzed in more details with the right equipment.
For the moment being, what's important is that it's a possible fix that many people seems to be very happy with, so we give our warm congratulations to “ameel” for this ingenuous solution!
Original thread available here:


For everyone installing a Matrix Glicher in a Slim Xbox360, simply make the wire for PAD A of a length of between 25-30 cm.

Everything else is unchanged.




October 31, 2011


Matrix Freedom PCB for Liteon DG-16D4S Drives


We are happy to announce the release and stock availability for the “Matrix Freedom PCB”, a swap solution compatible with all the Liteon DG-16D4S drives.




·          Compatible with 9504, 0272, 0225, 1071 and 0401 DVD firmware revision.

·          External programmer to enable/disable write protect and re-flash firmware. No need to open again the DVD or the Xbox360 once installed.

·          Solderless option available!

·          Easily programmable using any SATA programming tool.

·          Quick reading and writing times.

·          Fully compatible with Jungleflasher software.



Stock will be shipping to our distributors from November, 8th 2011, preorder yours from our official reseller list.




October 27, 2011


Matrix Glitcher copies issues.


We are receiving tons of e-Mail complaining about the presence of Matrix Glitcher copies present in the market.

Many of these copies are even made with re-marked Xilinx parts. Unfortunately there is nothing we can really do at the moment except to help you to identify the copies.

What you CAN do, to be sure to purchase an original product, is to purchase only from our official reseller list and to avoid websites like Rambogames and Dealextreme that are offering cheap imitations.


We do stand 100% behind the quality of our products, and we do take full responsibility and offer a full exchange program for any faulty piece, but we cannot take responsibility for the issues with the copies.




September 23, 2011


Falcon Support for the GliGli hack and the Matrix Glitcher.


The guys at solved the issues that prevented the successful application of the GliGli hack to the Xbox360 Falcon motherboards and released a new glitching software for it that now includes also the Falcon models. Kudos to everyone involved :)

You can download the new software from GITHUB or from the download section of our website, HERE.




September 21, 2011


New diagrams and new tutorials for Slim and Phat Xbox360 !


We upgraded and updated the tutorial and the diagrams for the Matrix GLitcher.

All the files are available on the DOWNLOAD section of our website.




September 19, 2011


Want to know how quick the Matrix Glitcher is?


Some people wrote to us asking how quick the Matrix Glitcher is in booting Xell.

Here is a video we found on the web. We believe that a third party test done by a professional installer is worth more than a thousand words we could wrote:  Matrix Glitcher Test     (Alternate link)


Have fun! :)




September 15, 2011


The Matrix NAND Programmer is shipping!


The first batch of Matrix NAND Programmer has been assembled and is shipping to our resellers.


It features a PIC18F2455 microcontroller for stable and quick reading/writing of all NAND models available on the different XBOX360 models.  The Matrix NAND programmer is also fully compatible with NANDPRO 2.0e and several other third party programming tools.








·          Fast USB SPI 360 NAND programmer.

·          Fully compatible with all XBOX360 NAND models.

·          Fully compatible with NandPro2.0e Software and other third party software.

·          Easily reprogrammable with via USB connector.

·          Quick reading and writing times.

·          Microchip based for enhanced stability.




September 13, 2011


The Matrix NAND Programmer is alive!


We will start batch production from tomorrow and delivery to resellers from the 15th.

This tidy and neat product is a cheap and solid alternative to the more expensive programmers out there.





September 09, 2011

First batch of Matrix Glitcher is ready!

Here is a picture of the first batch of the Glitcher for the XBOX360 coming out of the production line.
Resellers are already receiving their stock.  The NAND programmer is delayed until Thursday next due to local holydays.

Happy hacking to everyone :)



September 07, 2011

We are back.

After several years since we gave our last contribution to the scene we decided that it was time to come back as we think that there is still lot of work to be done to bring innovation and quality in the console market.
After all we do still love this job too much : ).

A big difference from the past will be that we are not going to focus anymore on a single console, but we are going to spread our product line across all the consoles available on the market.

Our first product is going to be based on the GliGli hack. Maybe many do not fully realize it, but this guy made a hell of an Engineering work to get to that result and I personally want to congratulate him for having found something that is worth to be called an “Hack” !

To celebrate him and our comeback we decided to call this first new product “The Matrix Glitcher”.

If you are asking yourself why, you should remember “The Matrix” movie:

Trinity: A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.

So, are you ready for the change?